Welcome to the Naneix Lab

Rowett Institute, University of Aberdeen

The Naneix Lab is part of the “Obesity and Food Choice” research theme at the Rowett Institute in Aberdeen.

Our research is focused on the developmental aspects of the cognitive and neurobiological substrates underlying food-related behaviours, and how these processes are impacted by different diet lifestyles during early-life stages (childhood, adolescence). You can learn about it here.

For information about joining the lab send us an email or check our contact page. You also follow us on Twitter.

Latest news from the lab

New funding from the Wellcome Trust ISSF!!!

We are very pleased to announced that the lab has been awarded by a grant from the Wellcome Trust Institutional Strategic Support Fund (ISSF) for 6 months. Combined with our recent grant from The Royal Society it will allow us to collect precious preliminary data on the impact of developmental obesity on corticolimbic circuits.

New funding from the Royal Society

We are very grateful to the Royal Society which has awarded us one year of funding to study the maturation and vulnerability of nutrient sensing processes within dopamine circuits. This grant will especially allow us to equip the lab with a brand new photometry system for in vivo recordings. Thanks again to the Royal Society for…

All I want for Christmas is a new paper

We are very happy to share that Fabien’s last work from his time in Bordeaux is now published in Neurobiology of Learning and Memory here! This work was done with the supervision of Dr Etienne Coutureau (INCIA) and Dr Guillaume Ferreira (NutriNeuro). We used chemogenetic approaches (DREADD) to selectively manipulate the activity of the hippocampus or the…