New funding from the Royal Society

We are very grateful to the Royal Society which has awarded us one year of funding to study the maturation and vulnerability of nutrient sensing processes within dopamine circuits. This grant will especially allow us to equip the lab with a brand new photometry system for in vivo recordings.

Thanks again to the Royal Society for its trust in our research and to allow us the kick-start of the lab!

All I want for Christmas is a new paper

We are very happy to share that Fabien’s last work from his time in Bordeaux is now published in Neurobiology of Learning and Memory here!

This work was done with the supervision of Dr Etienne Coutureau (INCIA) and Dr Guillaume Ferreira (NutriNeuro). We used chemogenetic approaches (DREADD) to selectively manipulate the activity of the hippocampus or the amygdala in an animal model of juvenile diet-induced obesity to investigate the role of these two structures in the memory deficits induced by the diet

You can find more details on Fabien’s Twitter. Congrats all!

New paper now published in Neuropsychopharmacology!

We are very happy to share that our last work is now published in open access in Neuropsychopharmacology here!

This was part of the work Fabien did as postdoc at the University of Leicester (Dept of Neuroscience, Psychology and Behaviour) with Dr James McCutcheon. With the help of Dr Kate Peters and Dr Andrew Young, they investigated the impact of protein restriction at adulthood or during adolescence on dopamine release using fast-scan cyclic voltammetry.

You can find more details on Fabien’s Twitter. Also have a look on Jaime’s lab now in Norway. Congrats all!

World brain day

The 22nd of July is the #worldbrainday and I resumed a little bit my work since years on the impact of different diet changes during adolescence on the brain reward system, and what we still have to understand from here. You can find more information on the Rowett Institute blog, here.