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Protein appetite drives activity in the ventral tegmental area

Chiacchierini G.*, Naneix F.*, Peters K.Z., Snoeren E.M.S., McCutcheon J.E. (*equal contribution)

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Chemogenetic silencing of hippocampus and amygdala reveals a double dissociation in periadolescent obesogenic diet-induced memory alterations

Naneix F.*, Bakoyiannis I.*, Santoyo-Zedillo M., Bosch-Bouju C., Pacheco-Lopez G., Coutureau E., Ferreira G., OBETEEN Consortium (*equal contribution)

Neurobiology of Learning and Memory (2021

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Age dependent effects of protein restriction on the dopamine release

Naneix F., Peters K.Z., Young A.M.J., McCutcheon J.E.

Neuropsychopharmacology (2021) 46: 394-403

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Investigating the effect of physiological need states on palatability and motivation using microstructural analysis of licking

Naneix F., Peters K.Z., McCutcheon J.E.

Neuroscience (Special Issue: Neuroscience of Obesity; 2020) 447: 155-166


Portion size does not influence food consumption in rats

Naneix F., Pinder S.C., Summers M.Y., Rouleau R.M., Robinson E., Myers K.P, McCutcheon J.E.

Physiology & Behavior (2019) 206: 225-231

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Protracted motivational dopamine-related deficits following adolescence sugar overconsumption

Naneix F., Darlot F., De Smedt-Peyrusse V., Pape J-R., Coutureau E., Cador M.

Neuropharmacology (2018) 129: 12-25


Impact of early consumption of high-fat diet on the mesolimbic system

Naneix F., Tantot F., Glangetas C., Kaufling J, Janthakhin Y., Boitard C., De Smedt-Peyrusse V., Pape J-R., Vancassel S., Trifilieff P., Georges F., Coutureau E., Ferreira G.

eNeuro (2017) 4(3)

Free full PDF; See also commentary on Neuronline

The effect of high-fat diet consumption on appetitive instrumental behavior in rats

Tantot F. Parkes S.L., Marchand A.R., Boitard C. Naneix F., Layé S., Trifilieff P., Coutureau E., Feirreira G.

Appetite (2017) 108: 203-211


Long-lasting deficits in hedonic and nucleus accumbens reactivity to sweet rewards by sugar overconsumption during adolescence

Naneix F., Darlot F., Coutureau E., Cador M.

European Journal of Neuroscience (2016) 43: 671-680


Commentary: “Cafeteria diet impairs expression of sensory-specific satiety and stimulus-outcome learning”

Parkes S.L., Furlong T.M., Naneix F.

Frontiers in Psychology (2015) 6:536


Dissociable effects of anterior and mediodorsal thalamic regions on spatial goal-directed behavior

Alcaraz F.*, Naneix F.*, Desfosses E., Marchand A.R., Wolff M., Coutureau E. (*equal contribution)

Brain Structure and Function (2014) 221(1): 79-89.


Adolescent stimulation of D2 receptors alters the maturation of dopamine-dependent goal-directed behavior

Naneix F., Marchand A.R., Pichon A., Pape J-R., Coutureau E

Neuropsychopharmacology (2013) 38(8): 1566-157

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Parallel maturation of goal-directed behavior and dopaminergic systems during adolescence

Naneix F., Marchand A.R., Di Scala G., Pape J-R., Coutureau E.

The Journal of Neuroscience (2012) 32(46): 16223-16232

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A role for medial prefrontal dopaminergic innervation in instrumental conditioning

Naneix F., Marchand A.R., Di Scala G., Pape J-R., Coutureau E.

The Journal of Neuroscience (2009) 29(18): 6599-6606

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